Eats: Salsa Agave

I’m a huge fan of pinche tacos. It’s one of those things I can eat anytime. So when J asked if I wanted to try Salsa Agave Mexican, I said sure why not! 

Salsa Agave is located on Pacific Blvd in Yaletown. The setting is quite intimate. The staff were friendly and the service was good. 
I was super excited to try the tacos because I’m always looking for good taco places. 

I’m sad to say that I was dissapointed. The meat was very dry and the small dish of sauce wasn’t enough to go around. I wasn’t a fan of the flavors. 

It seemed quite popular there so I might go back and try other items. But when it comes to tacos, I’ll save my appetite for La tacoqueria. 

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Eats: DD Mau

I love Vietnamese subs and Vietnamese food in general. I’ve seen a few instagrams of subs from DD mau and since then had it on my list of things to try. I finally had the opportunity to try it a few days ago. 

DD Mau is located on Pacific Blvd in Yaletown. There is pay meter parking infront. 
It’s a very tiny shop. Two tables outside and about seating for 10 people inside. 
The menu is on the wall. Everything looked delicious. 
I tried the Classic Sub. This is a half order. It’s a good size for a snack but I would still be hungry if I had it for dinner or lunch. 

The flavors weren’t bad. It reminded me of subs from “Bale” except more expensive. The filling was a good amount, but the bread was a bit hard.  

I would go back and order other items, but not the classic. 

On a plus side, they offer free water. 

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